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We support our artists

Everyone who has taken part in exhibitions in our space is welcome to post information about their artwork in this section. 


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Pemanagpo is a multidisciplinary artist, performer and director, based in Zürich and Saint-Petersburg. She collaborates with AI and generative tools to blur the boundaries between the artist and her creation, entering an intersubjective and very intimate dialogue with the algorithm. 

Artworks can be purchased as physical items and original NFTs.


Artist’s Statement:

My approach can be described in one word: synaesthesia. I see it as a necessary antidote to the collective anaesthesia of the time. I looked for my theatre in European squats, broken streets of Nepal, and shaman festivals of Tibet. I took the colour of the Franciscan monks' robes and danced it. I took the smell of the hidden gambling houses of Delhi and turned it into music. I took the algorithms of AI and whispered with it under my blanket like a lover.

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