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 George V Kandelaki



From a family of three generations of famous artists. Popular practice artists are constantly shown in Solo and group exhibits. His Georgian and Russian ancestry alongside his innovative art with a specifically American identity combines to create the abstract expressionistic style you see today.

From the age of 22 to 30 he worked in the art of photography. Mainly in the fashion industry. Created portfolios for many models, many of whom are now well known : 

Worked with the magazine LÓfficiel Moscow,  collaborated with such agencies as AMG Elite NYC, Ford Models NYC, and Click Model Management, Inc.


Georgi currently resides in SoHo, Manhattan, NY. 

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 Daniel Cherbuin



Was born in 1971 in Zofingen, Switzerland. He lives and works between Zürich, Switzerland, and Miami, USA.  For umpteen years Daniel Cherbuin has been staging the intersection of alternative art spaces and underground parties with his video installations, that brought him to Art Galleries and Exhibitions. His oeuvres impress with highly innovative montages, idiosyncratic alliances of images, as well as an anarchic tenor: with irony, and pastiche Cherbuin is mocking the blasé in commerce and culture and smoothes the sublimes and ponderous of the art system away. Cherbuin has been converting music into clips and visuals in ingenious ways for numerous bands, namely Yello and Division Kent. Various collaborations with Thomas Haemmerli, for art and experimental films and even one cine-film. Originally Cherbuin learned audio-video electronics ab initio. At the beginnings of commercial television he was the creative force of Sputnik-TV, an innovative and experimental channel emerging from Zurich's underground techno scene.




Josip Grabovac 


He is former Croatian fashion journalist and editor based in Milan Italy.

He is currently working as a brand development, consultant and freelance journalist for several magazines and portals during the Fashion Week.


Editor -in - Chief and founder of the first men’s blog in Croatia and BIH with international success. is a blog about fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and health. 


Josip is the only fashion Scout for the entire Balkan in partnership with Emerging Talents MIlan and has a great collaboration with fashion designers, photographers, stylists all over the world.

He is accredited for all main fashion events in Europe: MIlano Fashion Week, Pitti Immagine Uomo, Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion Week... 

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Ekaterina Rubtsova




jury member of the «First Date» open call, photographer known as Kateliby @kateliby_photo , artist, owner of the ArtCave Zurich Gallery Art Cave Zurich 

Any advice for creative people who want to become a participants at Open Call First Date?

❕My advice is to look at the topic more broadly. The first date is not necessarily about two people who have agreed to meet and go to a restaurant or cinema. The heroes of your frame can be people for whom everything did not go as smoothly as they wanted. Or it could be a meeting of a person with the dream of his whole life. Or you can even abstract and make the center of the composition not people, but objects. Do not limit yourself in anything, write your own stories, without thinking about how the audience will understand them. By the way, viewers always interpret everything they see in their own way and not always the way the author intended. 

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