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The Art Cave Zurich gallery is entirely dedicated to contemporary art photography as well as other art forms and their authors.  

Ekaterina Rubtsova created and build this place together and developed it ever since the first Show in March 2021 together with the many members and friends of the Art Cave Gallery. Since than many exhibitions and shows have followed. 

We are constantly creating trusting relationships with members of our art community and with other artists.

The Art Cave gallery is located in the heart of Langstrasse, next to the Google headquarters on Europaallee and a 10-minute walk from the main train station. 


The Art Cave Zurich is a space entirely dedicated to all forms of creativity and types of art and their creators-the Artists. Our Artists imagination is Legion and reaches from contemporary photography to painting, graphic, sculpture and performance. Whatever you like to do we allow freedom for every imagination. Let’s talk about your ideas and make them happen! Let us share the spark of creativity!

The Art Cave Gallery space allows for atmospheric events even in the most unusual way. 

We provide an opportunity for all artists to organize Solo Exhibition, Workshop, Art event  with duration from one day. 

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